When donning the sexy pinstripe Gangster Girl Halloween costume, you’ll feel a changed woman as you transform yourself into imitating a very sexy gangster girl. It will make you feel just great. In these sexy outfits you are sure to get plenty of admirers, and only you can decide if they can look… but dare not touch!

Attractive and sexy, the Gangster Costume or mob girl costume has all the elements of a great costume idea. Its smart, sassy, has attitude, hot and encompasses all that is gangster as you will own the occasion in this sexy costume.

There are a huge choice of design types which are available in Gangster outfits, but with one common theme is that the costume is always fitted with sexy pinstripe and hot heeled black and white mobster shoes.

You could accessorize your costume with some in your face earrings, some bling and perhaps even some sunglasses and Tommy Gun you will look every inch the untouchable Gangster! These outfits can also be great club wear and not only limited to Halloween or themed costume party.

Perhaps you want to dress up like Miss Mafia? No one will mess with you in these outfits as looking at you as this untouchable woman in her “don’t mess with me” gangster costume. If you are undecided about which one to wear then take a look at these recommended sites  spirit halloween buy costumes, flirt catalogue, costume kingdom   forplay and buy.com,who all have some great outfit ideas.

Gangster Girl Costume Review

Rating: Reviewed by: PrisEliza(read more  reviews)

Gender: Female

Title: Costume made my nightDate: Nov 20, 2009When I first saw this costume, the first thing I though was to accessorize since it was just the dress and tie. I got compliments from a lot of people on my costume and I had a fun night. I’m so glad that I bought this costume. I already have my next idea for a costume for next year and I’m buying it off of this site. Looking forward to next Halloween and will be reminiscing on this past Halloween.

History of Gangster Girl

One of the earliest famous Gangsters was the Italian American Al Capone who was feared and was heavily involved in various racketeering and mob wars in the mafia. The Gangster Genre has inspired many crime films Ganster Films dating back even to the early days of silent movies and modern day books such as .Gangsta-Girkl-Saga The 1920’s was an interesting era which is why so many want to replicate and dress up in these costumes that have roots in from that mobster age. The naughty garters, the tight pencil skirt the all femme fatal shoes, the stockings, this era has it all when it comes to style and still stands out today as one that has inspired much fashion and design over the years.

What type of gangster will you be this Halloween? A smooth criminal, featured on the right? A Brass Knuckle Betty mobster girl costume? You could surprise everyone and go from gangster to gorgeous in thisquick change two in one outfit featured below . Or why not go as a female gang dressed all as a group of Gangsters together in your hot sexy costumes . Whatever you decide enjoy being a Gangster Girl.